Vacuum Stretcher

  • Vacuum Immobilisation Stretcher, STR7400

    Vacuum Immobilisation Stretcher, STR7400
    • Made of isolate and cold-resisting PVC
    • Can rapidly and safely adjust the stretcher to be soft or hard by using the double-action pump
    • Can perfectly adjusts to the shape of the body in first aid to avoid second injury
    • X-ray & MRI examination allowed
    • Can be used in the patient transportation by road, sea and air
    • Specially applicable for first-aid centres, hospitals, schools, the army, gymnasiums and stations, where accidents occur frequently
    • Product dimension: W78cm x W39cm x H36cm
    • Width: H80cm x M88cm x F80cm
    • Length: 200cm
    • Nett weight: 10kg
    • Load capacity: 159kg



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